hylo became a B Corp because we believe that business can be a force for good. Because we believe in a better balance between profit, people and the planet.

What is a B Corp? 

B Corps are companies that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance using the power of business to transform the global economy to benefit people, communities, and the planet.

There are around 6,000 B Corps in the world, with around 1,500 in the UK currently - and we’re proud to be a part of this community of companies using business for good. 

Being a running brand brings with it a certain degree of competitiveness. With 80 points representing the minimum threshold a company can achieve in order to qualify as a B Corp, we scored an outstanding 104.3 points. To put this into context, your average business would typically score around 50.9 points.

How did hylo do? 

We scored a total of 104.3 points. Let’s break it down: 
Governance: Measuring our overall mission, engagement around our social and environmental impact, ethics and transparency. 16.9 
Workers: This section is all about how we treat the people that work with us and work for us, both as part of the core hylo team and also within our value chain. 24.6
Community: This measures how we operate in areas like diversity, inclusion, charitable giving and supply chain management. 20.9 
Environment: Our highest scoring category. B Corp measures our management of practices and our impact on the air, climate, water, land and biodiversity. 37.8
Customers: Here, companies are measured on the quality of their products and services, our marketing, data privacy, and feedback channels. 3.8

Why did we become a B Corp? 

hylo was established to disrupt our industry for the better. Which is why becoming a B Corp has always been high on the agenda for hylo. 

It keeps us true to our values and mission and holds us accountable to our statements. The certification process is rigorous and involves us introducing processes and policies which make sure we walk the talk. 

It makes our social and environmental impact measurable so we can track our progress, validates our claims and provides an industry standard for holistic impact. 

The certification has become one of the most recognised stamps for companies worldwide in terms of their environmental and social performance. Being able to have such a standard not only validates what we do but also helps us improve and keeps us accountable internally and to our community. And naturally, as a sportswear brand, we wanted to see how we compare to others.  

We have to stay on our toes. We have to recertify every 3 years to keep the certification. 

The certification comes with an expiry date. We have to kick on. The next verification is in 2025, where we are re-assessed to ensure we are still running like the world depends on it.

The work doesn't stop:

The work does not stop here. To the contrary. In the coming years we will continue to keep our certification but also improve our score. 

We will keep on doing what we do best and work to deliver performance products without compromising people or planet. 

Our ambition is to build a business that does good for people and the planet. We seek to collaborate with individuals and organisations to amplify our collective efforts. And we want to create products that perform and preserve.