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Where are your shoes made?

Our shoes are made in Putian.

We spent a number of months focusing on this part of the business to ensure both high quality running shoes, the lowest possible emissions in our manufacturing process and critically accredited levels of labour conditions. It is our main focus to ensure our supply chain is transparent, high quality and with planet at the forefront of our mind. All of our materials are delivered to the factory by road - and seven of the nine materials come from within 100km of our factory hub. This drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing.

Are your shoes vegan?

Yes, the shoes use no animal products whatsoever.

What size do you recommend?

Whilst our shoes are currently designed for a neutral gait runner, they do have the varying running gaits in mind. Whilst we cannot 100% guarantee that you will find them supportive enough for your specific running gait, in many cases they do provide a fantastic level of support on the medial side for someone who pronates. Our proprietary Corn Spring midsole is able to adapt to the various running gaits.

Are your shoes machine washable?

Our shoes are washing machine safe. First, pull out the insoles and laces and put the laces into a wash bag along with your Hylos then toss them in the washing machine. Turn the washer to a gentle cycle on a low temperature and add your preferred mild detergent. When they’re done, shake off any excess water and let them air dry. Their natural shape will return, good as new. Gently hand wash your insoles on their own with warm water.

Do you offset transport emissions?

Our delivery emissions are factored in – any planetary impact is offset.