Our overarching aims are to extend the product’s life and, on disposal, prevent the product from going to landfill.

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Afterlife Hierarchy

Afterlife Hierarchy

Our Product Life Framework sets out our methodology and vision for keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible. Our priority is to extend the life of the products that we make by designing with durability in mind. 

But what happens when your runners can no longer be worn? We have created a framework that considers each of the below scenarios and we are currently working across all solutions to make sure that the Run 2, and its materials, are optimised to their potential.

  • 1. CARE + REPAIR

    Our top priority is extension of life. Caring for your Runners and repairing where necessary extends the product’s life ensuring you’re shopping slow and running fast.

  • 2. RE-SALE

    If you no longer need your Runners but they still meet our performance standards, the option to re-sell offers a second (or third, or fourth) extension of life.


    We want to take accountability of the products that we make. If your Runners are no longer suitable for wear, we offer a take-back scheme for you to return them to us so that we can recycle or biodegrade components that are no longer fit for use.


    If there is a material stream that is not able to feed into Hylo products, open loop recycling enables us to work with other industries that have the capabilities to recycle what we cannot - keeping materials in circulation for as long as possible.

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Customer Journey

Customer Journey

When you’re finished with your hylo Run 2s, send them back to us and we’ll give you £10 Hylo Credit as a thank you.

Our community are the most important part of our circularity. Without you, the chain breaks.

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