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Corn Runners

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7 Renewable Materials
7.84 KG CO₂e 42% Lower Carbon Footprint


Designed for use on the road, the track and in the gym, these Corn Runners are fast, lightweight and comfortable.

Materials Science

Corn Spring® 28.82%, Corn Fibre 28.52%, Natural Rubber 20.44%, Corn-Based Reinforcement 7.77%, Algae Bloom™ 7.02%, Organic Cotton 4.15%, Bioform 1.64%, Water-Based Glue 1.55%, Polyester 0.08%, Water-Based Ink 0.01%


Packaging: Our box is made of FSC-recycled cardboard with no additional packaging used from factory to your feet

Recyclable: When you are finished with your Corn Runners, you can send them back to us for recycling. 

Carbon: Our carbon footprint is 7.83kg CO2e - a 42% reduction compared to the average running shoe's 13.6kg CO2e (Cheah et al, 2013).

Supplier: Assembled in SEMS, China. We conduct regular third-party audits of labour conditions. Five of ten materials used are sourced within 60km of our factory.

Care Guide

Corn Runners are machine-washable. Remove the insoles and place separately. Remove the laces and insert into a washbag alongside your shoes. Insert preferred detergent. Place on low heat. *Don’t put them in with anything else as this could impact or change the form of your Corn Runners.

Size + Fit

Get the perfect size first time with our sizing tool. It takes data from shoes you already wear to give the most accurate recommendation.

Delivery and Returns

Free UK delivery & returns on all orders. For more information refer to Delivery and Returns, Exchanges and Recycling.

  • Fast

    Designed for speed, our proprietary Corn Spring® technology, used in the midsole, ensures forward momentum, maximum energy return and efficient running economy.

  • Lightweight

    Achieved through minimising componentry and a single-layered Corn Fibre engineered knit in the upper, Corn Runners weigh just 245g.

  • Comfortable

    Flexible and soft, our upper moulds to you, hugging your foot as you stride. Underfoot, the dual density combination of the Algae Bloom™ insole and Corn Spring® midsole provides an optimal balance for comfort.

  • Supportive

    Run harder with our soft ground impact, achieved through the anatomical shape of our foot bed and 9.5mm heel-to-toe drop. The foot is held in place with our internal corn-based reinforcement, providing lateral stability.

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Materials Science

Materials Science

Our Corn Runners are made using seven renewable materials, minimising the use of petroleum-based materials. They are recyclable with a carbon footprint of 7.83kg CO2e - a 42% reduction compared to the average running shoe's 13.6kg CO2e (Cheah et al, 2013).