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hylo LIGHT

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All day comfort for the everyday athlete.

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Renewable Materials
6.56kg CO2e carbon footprint
Lab-Certified Vegan


Running inspired. The LIGHT uses the latest engineering and material innovation. Built on an anatomical last with a 9.5mm heel-to-toe drop and 20mm stack height providing a seriously comfortable ride.

Materials Science

EVA 30.11%, PLA (Sugar Derived) 28.53%, Natural Rubber 12.26%, Outsole Binder 8.18%, PLA (Corn Derived) 7.43%, Organic Cotton 4.15%, Biodegradable Polyester 3.76%, Cotton 2.54%, Water-Based Glue 1.55%, Algae Bloom 1.40%, Polyester 0.08%, Water-Based Ink 0.01%


Packaging: Our box is made of FSC-recycled cardboard with no additional packaging used from factory to foot.

Recyclable: When you are finished with your shoes, you can send them back to us for recycling. 

Carbon: Our carbon footprint is 6.56kg CO2e.

Supplier: Assembled in SEMS, China. We conduct regular third-party audits of labour conditions.

Size + Fit

Our footwear fits true to your normal size.

Care Guide

The hylo LIGHT is machine-washable. Remove the insoles and place separately. Remove the laces and insert into a washbag alongside your shoes. Insert preferred detergent. Place on cold wash and air dry.

Don’t put them in with anything else as this could impact or change the form of your shoes.

Delivery and Returns

Free UK delivery & returns.

For more information refer to Delivery and Returns, Exchanges and Recycling.






Cushioned and durable. Used in our midsole, we blend our EVA with corn starch to reduce our reliance on petroleum-derived materials.

PLA [sugar derived][28.53%]

PLA [sugar derived]

100% Bio-based. We replace the industry-standard polyester with PLA in a knitted upper construction to ensure a breathable and lightweight feel.

Natural Rubber[12.26%]

Natural Rubber

Renewable & bio-based. We remove synthetic rubber and use this naturally-produced alternative, predominantly derived from the native Brazilian plant Hevea brasiliensis. Increases tear resistance.

Outsole binder[8.18%]

Outsole binder

Derived as a byproduct of our own manufacturing processes. Used in the outsole to create consistency of performance.

PLA [Corn derived][7.43%]

PLA [Corn derived]

100% Bio-based. In our application, this is the alternative to the industry-standard EVA or polyester, used in the midsole and our internal reinforcement.

Organic cotton[4.15%]

Organic cotton

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton emits 94% less greenhouse gases in production compared to conventional cotton.

Biodegradable polyester[3.76%]

Biodegradable polyester

Mixed with corn-derived PLA for lateral and medial reinforcement – a planet-friendly alternative to standard polyester.



Used as the substrate in our internal reinforcement. Durable. Strong. We are working towards making this organic.

Water-Based Glue[1.55%]

Water-Based Glue

Our alternative to solvent-based adhesives, commonly used in the footwear industry.

ALGAE Bloom™[1.40%]

ALGAE Bloom™

An abundant material – a byproduct of algae biomass. Has natural thermoplastic performance characteristics. Anatomical. Cushioned. Used in the LIGHT’s insole.



A material we’re seeking to reduce to nil in our products. Used in the stitching thread.

Water-based Ink[0.01%]

Water-based Ink

Inks and glues are critical in our LABS-certified vegan. Less impact than inks commonly used in standard dyes and prints.