Materials Science

We aim to use materials that are renewable, circular and resource-light to enable us to move the industry beyond petroleum-material dependency.


    Regenerative and can be replenished.


    It is a finite resource and non-renewable – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

  • As yet, no material meets all our sustainability criteria while offering the properties required to meet the standard of performance we set for our sportswear. Something we plan to solve with materials science innovation.

    We'll continue to champion materials science innovation and invest in a better future for performance.


    Reduces carbon usage.


    Carbon-emitting, releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere.


    Can be re-used and therefore reduces waste, keeps products out of landfill.


    Can take hundreds of years to degrade, if at all, alongside releasing microfibres during use - and, more often than not, ends up in landfill.