Runners love coffee. It’s a cast-iron fact. As pre-run rocket fuel or a post-workout reward - it doesn’t matter to us. That’s why we’ve partnered with North London’s finest coffee house, Cricks Corner between 16th November and 16th December. Because nothing beats a cup of java before your strava.

When we put together the space, the intention was to stay authentic to the heritage of Cricks and cafe culture and to create a harmony between their world and our running culture. 

The space reflects the complementary nature of the relationship between coffee and running - with neither dominating the other, co-existing in support of one another. The walls and windows pay homage to the hand-painted chalkboards prevalent in coffee shops globally. 

We have three events during our time at Cricks Corner:

11am on Saturday 19th November

A run club with Champion of Tomorrow Mae

10am on Sunday 27th November

A long run hosted by Onetrack. Aid station provided by the hylo van

7:45 am on Wednesday 30th November

A Champions of Tomorrow 5km run with Michael Doughty

*All runs begin at the Champions of Tomorrow cafe in collaboration with Cricks Corner