BY Elli Smith
Ground down, wet and warm. And that’s just post-run you during November.
Whether it’s your pre-run rocket fuel or post-workout reward, coffee is an integral part of running life. It’s been vital in running’s social boom - running with friends followed by a coffee. Simplicity really is genius.
For some, it might be the sole reason you run. The sweet nectar makes the daily grind worth it.

For Gordon, a hylo Champion of Tomorrow, it well and truly kick-starts his day - and has for almost two decades.
“It’s one of two to three things, daily rituals, that are such a steady part of my life that I take SUPER SERIOUS… Coffee IS my day’s jumpstart. That’s not hyperbole. I’ve maybe not cupped something to start my day in oh…. 18 years… ?!
“That morning cup - grinding my beans, boiling the water, letting it steep in my press, maybe even adding an espresso shot if I’m especially the walking dead that AM.
“Can’t think of a morning without it. Well, f**k, I can, but it’d be a morning straight out of the terrors of Kubrick’s darkest psyche. Total nightmare (*shudders*).”
That’s the anecdotal love but there’s an academic side to the link between running and coffee.



Heighten the senses.
A couple of cups of Joe before a run can increase your alertness - allowing you to feel more awake (and alive!) during a run. Sometimes being present and hyper aware of your own body can be the difference between success and failure.
Increased energy.
This is common sense. Caffeine increases your energy levels. Increased speed, decreased fatigue. A 2012 study found that the best time for your pre-java strava is an hour.
No pain no gain
If a race falls on a day where sore joints have struck, caffeine can be the key to reduce your sense of pain and discomfort.
Recover like the world depends on it
Back in 2012, one study had cyclists (the logic still applies to running) ride hard for two days. Those who drank a recovery drink with carbs and caffeine rebuilt their glycogen stores by 66 percent more than those who drank only carbs.
Volcano Coffee Works are a London-based independent roastery. Their coffee is always fresh, roasted in small batches using the best beans, grown by better-paid farmers, in packaging that's better for the planet. We could only have the best-quality rocket fuel for our pre-and-post-run coffee. Volcano Coffee Works are also a fellow B Corp company working to use the power of business for good.


The Drawbacks: 

Too much
Research shows that about three to six milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight is all you need. Shovelling any more than that doesn’t make a difference and negative side effects of overdoing it include anxiety, and heart palpitations - and a really poor night’s sleep!
The Runs…
Stomach issues or gastrointestinal upset. And nobody wants that.
A bit of the jitters
Hardcore coffeelovers can worry less about this. But if you’re just starting out on your cup of Joe journey, caffeine can give you jittery feelings including increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure.

We’ve partnered with North London’s finest coffee house, Cricks Corner between 16th November and 16th December. Because nothing beats a cup of java before your strava. Or a hot mug of Joe after an autumn exert.


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