Our Vision

Our Vision

For 10 years, I was lucky enough to play football (soccer) professionally.

I thrived off competition and being part of a team striving for a collective goal and over the years, I became more and more connected to the nature around me.

However, sustainability was a bit of a taboo subject. We didn’t really talk about the impacts of sport and sportswear on climate change and there was minimal education around it.

We were told to keep controversy to a minimum.

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However, with each season that went past, I witnessed weather patterns becoming more volatile and the quantity of games being called off ever increasing.

The more I learned about it, the more I saw that the future of sport was and is facing an existential crisis.

Therefore, I wanted to change things.

Sport has this unique power to inspire:

The company you wear on your chest as an athlete is in many ways a direct representation of you and your values.

And after thinking about my values as an athlete, I knew I needed to create something new.

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In 2020, hylo was established to protect the future of running and sport.

And ever since, we have used material science to create high performance products for the athlete that have a low impact on the Planet.

We are a community of champions of tomorrow committed to driving incremental performance and environmental improvements with each product that we make.

The future is still ours to write.

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